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About our company

Let's see. What would I want to know if I were on YOUR side of this? Hmmmm....well let me just do what I do best and talk, or in this case,.type and tell you why TPD even exists. That should be enough to pique your interest for now (I'll tell you more once I meet you, lol)

First of all , let me introduce myself. My name is Jason and I am the owner of The Plumbing Detectives. I am the guy that you talk to when you call and I am also the face you see when you open your door when I arrive. I beleive in forming relationships with my customers and what better way to do that than in person?

I hold a Class II Master Plumbining License in the Great State of Georgia. This is the highest level obtainable. It's called "Unrestricted" meaning that I can do work on massive skyscrapers or your average everyday domicile. I have worked for other plumbing companies in my life and I am grateful for my time at those companies. Sounds crazy doesn't it? Maybe a little but what my time at those companies did for me was show me how NOT to conduct business.


I was once accused at one of the big companies that I worked for that I was stepping over a dollar to pick up a nickel! What they meant was that I should've taken advantage of the oppurtunity that I was already in the customers house and I needed to find ways to charge them MORE! I told my boss that I was at least getting that nickel honestly and slept well at night!

When I grew tired of making the big guys rich, my lovely, ageless, best thing in my life, always right, absolutely beautiful wife suggested that I start my own business. Nevermind that it was during the worst economic time in my generation's history! She had faith I could do it and the fact that you're reading this all these years later proves she was RIGHT!

So if you want a Plumbing Friend, not a Mega Corporation with stockholders to satisfy, give me a call. I'd love to chat with you. It doesn't even have to be about plumbing! I like BBQ too! I have been known to smoke a pretty mean brisket :)

Thanks for being here and reading this. It means a lot to me!

Jason Webb - Owner of The Plumbing Detectives

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