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Hey everybody! We will be closed until Thursday, October 31st. The boss (my wife) and I are heading on a mini vacation for our upcoming 28th anniversary! Thanks so much as always for your support. Much love and peace to you all :)

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As many of you know, I RARELY close shop. I jokingly tell people that I work so that my wife and kids can take a vacations. Well, I am happy to report that this time I am tagging along. The Plumbing Detectives will be closed through Wednesday the 19th. I will reopen Thursday the 20th. I have posted this already on Facebook but figured I'd announce it here as well. Much love and peace to you all, I'll see ya when I get back!


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Alright my people. I am going to attempt to post some relevant stuff on here on a somewhat regular basis. It may be plumbing tips or it could be a recipe for all I know! Check in from time to time to see what madness unfolds :)

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